Northern Delaware and Southeast PA's premier plumbing, heating and air conditioning company since 1967.
130 Middleboro Rd • Wilmington, DE 19804-1621 • (302) 998-3852

We repair and install all types of heating and A/C units; ceiling hung, rooftop, normal set-up, attic units, and split systems.

Calfo & Haight, Inc makes and installs all of its own ventilation (sheet metal ductwork) when installing a new unit to bring it up to code and when doing the HVAV in a new home. This ensures that the work is done right and will lover your costs.

We offer Preventive Maintenance Contracts to keep your heating and cooling systems in good working order.  Ask about pricing and descriptive points when you contact us.

Quote from Tom Bristow:

“I’m very impressed with the units you installed.  My power bill has been much, much lower since you put the new heat and air in my house.”

Roy is our Heating and Air Conditioning Estimator.

Our Companies:

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